Ode to my Smart-Phone

I realised when I logged in to this site, that I hadn’t blogged anything since June last year (2015) where’s the time gone?

Well…. a house move has filled some of the time and unfortunately my writing in all areas has suffered, I’ve just started work on another Steam Punk book, I’ll keep you posted on the progress…… I want it to be an 80,000 word epic but it will probably be another 10,000 word novella.

I wanted to go to an open mic prose/poetry night this week but realised I hadn’t written anything new since last time I went…. So I looked through some notes for a blog piece I was going to write about modern smart phones verses old massive super computers, some of the ‘facts’ I had learnt were….

A modern smart phone…….

Has a million times more memory than all of N.A.S.A’s computers in 1969 had

Can do more calculations a second than I.B.M’s Super Computer ‘Deep blue’ that beat Gary Kasporov at chess in 1997

And a birthday card that chirps ‘happy birthday to you’ has more processing power than existed in the whole world at the end of The Second World War.

All the above ‘facts’ are taken from the internet so the validity of them should be approached with caution  but following Moore’s Law they could well be true…. Anyway I thought instead of of a blog piece (even though I’ve sort of done it above) I’d write a poem for the first time since a teacher said something like…. ‘For your homework I want you to write a poem on…… (insert random subject)’ thirty odd years ago….

If it doesn’t scan right or the rhythm is wrong to you then…. I don’t give a monkeys…… as I’m quite proud of it for a first attempt at poetry in decades.

Oh and the irony is EE suffered a breakdown whilst I was writing it, so my phone at the time was either…. A thick-phone or a smart-brick…. Anyway for your reading pleasure here’s…. (and as with all poetry it needs to be read out loud)

Ode To My Smart-Phone

A small computer resides in my pocket

more memory than in NASA’s rocket

Faster greater than IBM’s Deep Blue

How they fit it all in, I haven’t a clue


Turing could’ve used it to break the Enigma code

The Sat Nav can guide me to the door of your abode

With Google I have a large Cyclopedia

Families send photos on social media


On You-Tube I can watch your epic fails

Am I always at work as I get my emails

I could make a phone call from it I suppose

Or stand up and from it loudly read prose


What do we do with all this power?

Listen to music hour after hour

I can order a meal, not bothering to cook

But mostly we share videos of cats on Facebook

 (c) Simon Elson 2016


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