Time Travel….

I love a good article on Time Travel, the problem is though normally after the first paragraph I’m way out my depth, when the writer starts talking about Quarks, Protons, etc, and quoting Einstein’s theory of relativity.

I’ve been fascinated by the idea of time travel from a young age when I tried to build a time machine out of Lego and Meccano aged six after being scared witless watching the original ‘Time Machine’ with Rod Taylor… I’m telling you those blue Morlocks were scary.

And then who doesn’t love Marty and Doc travelling in time using a nuclear powered Delorean? The strange thing is though Time Travel exists. Fact, and I don’t mean that we are all moving through time at one second per second.

Einstein said speed was the key to time travel. In the 1970’s (and many times since) several experiments were carried out using atomic clocks aboard aeroplanes. The ones on aboard the planes gained time therefore had travelled through time faster than natures norm… I will point out we are not talking minutes or even seconds. We are talking Nano-seconds or in layman’s terms a gnats arse…. But what it does mean is that when you fly any distance you will arrive at the same point in time quicker than someone else who stayed on the ground. As I said real time travel.

Read about the first experiment (and subsequent repetitions) HERE

Then there’s the university professor called Ronald Mallett, who reckons time travel into the past could be a reality within the 21st century. He is currently working on a prototype machine, will he succeed? I really hope he does.

He started working on time travel when in his early twenties. His father had died of a heart attack when Ronald Mallett was a young child and he wanted to go back and warn him, He now accepts that this will never happen but he hopes to create time travel for particles within his lifetime.

Ronald Mallett

Have you read that link? I didn’t understand much of either…..

You may now be thinking that full on time travel can’t be possible, otherwise we would have seen travellers from the future wandering around. I think I know the reason…

Any machine that can create time travel will be enormous, I assume about the size of the Large Hadron Collider, (L.H.C) that is under most of Switzerland, Therefore not be able to travel through time itself  just provide a method to facilitate it. So you will only be able to go back to moment the machine was finished and switched on, because you will need it to reassemble the traveller at the ‘destination’ time.  If this type of machine is ever built, will Bookies and gambling become a thing of the past?

If you are fascinated by the thought of time travel as portrayed in films and on television, like Joan Collins getting run over in the 1930’s and Jim Kirk breaking down in tears because he stopped Bones saving her, then I assume you have heard of Bold Street in Liverpool.

If you haven’t then that’s the one link you REALLY do need to read, no science involved it’s just spooky.

If you live in Liverpool and visit Bold Street a lot, you need to make sure you carry last weeks Euromilions numbers in an envelope with an address known to you or your family from the 1960’s through to the 1990’s in case a time-slip like in the above link occurs, so you can post them to yourself (or parents) with a note to keep them safe until the date written on the envelope. You will then have them last week before the draw took place… If this crazy scheme works for anyone reading this… then don’t forget it was my idea and I want a serious share of any winnings…..

Photo credit – Alan Cleaver


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