Mind Worms…

Don’t you just hate them? I don’t mean the ones like Ricardo Montalban put in Chekov’s ear in ‘The Wrath of Khan’ I mean a short snippet of a song or film that goes round and round in your head…

At the moment I seem to be whistling ‘Honey’ by Bobby Goldsboro…. I don’t own the track, I’ve never owned the track….. I don’t even like the bloody song, but I must have heard it a few weeks ago on Radio Two…. Damn you Ken Bruce….. and its stuck in my head.

Previously I was whistling ‘Whole Again’ by Atomic Kitten. I don’t own that track either but I do quite like it (oops did I just type that confession out loud). With that song I did consider getting a slow acoustic backing track made and using it to enter the X Factor again with it (yes.. again… I did enter once but that’s another story and a very short one…no you didn’t see me on the tele-box), as the judges always love it when contestants do that, but don’t you just hate it when the judges say when presented with something like the above say… ‘You really made that song your own’ or ‘You really smashed it’…. choose in your head one of the following voices Smug, Geordie or Irish…..

Anyway enough of the tangent.. back to mind worms.. I also used to whistle Tom Good’s (Richard Briers character in ‘The Good Life’) little ditty normally when out my depth slightly doing some form of D.I.Y…. My wife twigged this though and started to say “you don’t know what your doing do you?” my reply….. ‘Nope not got a clue’ many a wonky wardrobe has been built or slanted shelf put up to that particular tune…

I have film quote worms as well….. If anyone says the word ‘Doctor’ I have to say….. ‘I’m a Doctor Jim, Not a brick layer……’ (sorry more Star Trek there….) and I can’t pass a melon in a supermarket without thinking of Edward Fox pretending one was Charles De Gaulle’s head in ‘Day of the Jackal.’

There are a few benefits of mind worms though if someone is moaning about something in a shop or queue and I over hear them….. I can burst into a verse of ‘LET IT GO……. LET IT GOOOOOO…….’ from Frozen and feign innocence, saying my son had watched it the night before.

Mind Worms are never classics though are they? it’s always the annoying songs that get stuck in my head. I never whistle anything uber cool like The Clash or The Smiths.

If you can’t remember how the song ‘Honey’ goes I’ve put the Karaoke version below… Click on it at your peril it will get into your mind and you will have to buy the track and we will end up with Bobby Goldsboro at number one in a few weeks…. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…..


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